European Millionaire Maker

The "European Millionaire Maker" is a game associated to Euromillions, which consists in assigning a code to each of the single Euromillions bets placed and for each of the Euromillions draws in which the ticket participates. This code is different from theMillionaire Maker code. If a multiple bet is placed, a number of codes equal to the number of single bets equivalent to the multiple bet will be assigned.

The codes will not be chosen by the player. It will be the Gaming System who assigns the code or codes to the ticket.

The code assigned to each of the EuroMillions bets is unique for each drawing of the "European Millionaire Maker" so that there cannot be more than one bet with the same code in each drawing.

In the case of weekly or multi-weekly participation slips, the code will be valid to participate in all "European Millionaire Maker" drawings that take place during the week(s).


There is a single prize category of one million euros for the receipt containing the winning code.

European Millionaire Maker Code

The codes are generated by the operators of the different countries participating in Euromillions. To avoid having the same codes, each country uses a different initial letter than other countries.

  • Part 1: Country initial letter

    Initial letter used in each country (if there are several, you can use any of them):

    Country Initial letter
    Austria A, N, O, W
    Belgium B
    Spain E
    France F
    Ireland I
    Luxembourg L
    Portugal P
    United Kingdom H, J, M, T, V, X, Z
    Switzerland S, W
  • Part 2: 3 letters

    After the country's own letter, 3 letters are included from the following ones:

    B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, X, Z

    Neither the vowels (A, E, I, O, U) nor the Y are used to generate the European Millionaire Maker codes

  • Part 3: 5 digits

    After the country letter and the 3 letters, 5 digits (0 to 9) are included, forming a number between 00,000 and 99,999

Execution of the Draw

The draw will consist of the random selection of several codes from among all participants (usually 10, 25 or 100, depending on the draw), each of which will be assigned a fixed prize. Normally, in the European Millionaire Maker only 1 code is chosen per draw, although the organizer reserves the right to choose more, each of which would have a prize of 1 million euros.

Once the drawing is concluded, the scrutiny of all the codes participating in the game will begin in order to award the corresponding prizes, based on the coincidence between the code number(s) obtained in the drawing and those randomly assigned by the Central Computer System to the participating slips.

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