How to play

To play Euromillions, you must know the basic mechanics of the game, although it is also possible to play without knowing the mechanics, since you can request an "automatic bet".

Where can you play

The first thing you have to do is to find where to play Euromillions. Once you have chosen where you are going to play, you can start participating in the game.

Play automatically

For those who do not know well how to predict using the mechanics of the game, or simply for those who want to play randomly, they can indicate that they want to play automatically. If you wish to play in an authorized establishment (Lottery Sales Point), you must indicate to the lottery operator that you wish to play a determined number of bets for the Euromillions draw, in an automatic/random way.

If you play online instead of physically, the virtual ticket will have an option to automatically fill in a certain number of bets.

Play by selecting the numbers

In order to predict, the boxes containing the chosen numbers will be marked with the "X" sign in the fields of each block of the ticket. In the case of online gaming, this is usually simulated on a virtual ticket with the same characteristics as the physical ticket.

If you wish to play by the multiple system, you must also mark with the "X" sign, in the area reserved for this purpose on the ticket (numbers marked, stars marked), the box indicating the number of the picks marked in the table or matrix of numbers and/or the box indicating the number of the picks marked in the table or matrix of stars. These forecasts must be marked exclusively in block 1.

In addition, you must mark with the "X" sign the box indicating the drawing or period of drawings -at the most, drawings held two consecutive weeks- in which you wish to participate, in the area reserved for this purpose on the ticket.

How do I know if I have won a prize?

Once the Euromillions draw has taken place, you will be able to know the winnings obtained. To do so, you can consult this web page where you will find the results once they have been produced. You can also go to a physical point of sale to check your prize and receive the amount won. In the case of having played online, it will be the online platform that will indicate the prize and will deposit it in your account.

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About Euromillions


Euromillions is currently officially available in 9 countries, including Spain. Countries

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