EuroMillions jackpots are the main reason why this lottery is so successful. For anyone who hits the jackpot, it will certainly change their life.

What is the jackpot

The "jackpot" is defined as the proportion of the prize fund that is allocated to the first category of prizes.

The "Accumulated Jackpot Fund" is the amount of money available for first category winners generated in previous drawings.

In Euromillions draws, this means that the maximum prize category has a guaranteed economic amount.This amount begins at 17 million euros, and if no one matches it, it goes up to a maximum of 250 million euros. Once someone gets it right,and it starts again at 17 million euros. At this point, it is interesting to know which have been the biggest prizes distributed in Euromillions.

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About Euromillions


Euromillions is currently officially available in 9 countries, including Spain. Countries

Million Maker

Million Maker is an additional game, you get 1 code for each bet. The winner gets 1 million euros. Million Maker

European Millionaire Maker

The European Millionaire Maker is a special drawing that distributes multiple prizes of 1 million euros. European Millionaire Maker

Time and place

The Euromillions draw is held every Tuesday and Friday at the same time. Time and place

Major prizes

Do you know which have been the biggest Euromillions prizes? Undoubtedly, Euromillions is spreading a lot of joy. Major prizes