Euromillions has 13 prize categories currently.

Prize categoriess

Depending on the hits obtained in the main numbers (50 numbers) and in the special numbers (12 stars), the prizes obtained per bet are as follows:

Category Numbers Stars Prize funds
5 2 42% al 50%
5 1 2,61%
5 0 0,61%
4 2 0,19%
4 1 0,35%
3 2 0,37%
4 0 0,26%
2 2 1,30%
3 1 1,45%
10ª 3 0 2,70%
11ª 1 2 3,27%
12ª 2 1 10,30%
13ª 2 0 16,59%

For the usual prize amounts, you can review the latest prizes distributed in the draw in the results section.

The Jackpot

The " jackpot" is the proportion of the prize fund that is allocated to the first category of prizes. In Euromillions the minimum guaranteed jackpot for the first category is 17 million euros, and the maximum jackpot that can be won is 250 million euros.

The jackpot will be distributed among all the winners of the first category, and in the next draw it will start again at 17 million euros. When there is no winner, the fund passes to the next draw and the jackpot grows.

In the event of reaching 250 million euros (or the maximum limit established at any given time), and there is no winner of the jackpot in 3 consecutive draws, it will be distributed in the fourth draw among the winners of the first category that obtains hits (normally the second category, 5 numbers + 1 star).

Special Jackpots

From time to time, Euromillions plays a special draw starting at 130 Euromillions, in what is commonly known as Big Friday. In case it is not distributed in the first category winners, it continues to grow in the usual way.

Million Maker

Million Maker is an additional draw within the Euromillions draw itself, which awards 1 million euros to the bet with the code that matches the winning code.

European Millionaire Maker

European Millionaire Maker is an additional draw within the Euromillions draw itself (different from Millionaire Maker), which awards several prizes of 1 million euros each to bets that have the European Millionaire Maker code equal to any of the codes published as winners.

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About Euromillions


Euromillions is currently officially available in 9 countries, including Spain. Countries

Million Maker

Million Maker is an additional game, you get 1 code for each bet. The winner gets 1 million euros. Million Maker

European Millionaire Maker

The European Millionaire Maker is a special drawing that distributes multiple prizes of 1 million euros. European Millionaire Maker

Time and place

The Euromillions draw is held every Tuesday and Friday at the same time. Time and place

Major prizes

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