Where to play

To participate in Euromillions and win one of its fantastic prizes (or better yet, a dream jackpot of several million euros), the first step is to know where you can play.

Post Office

You can buy National Lottery tickets, collect winnings and purchase scratchcards in Post Office branches. With as many as 5,000 branches participating, you can find which one’s nearest you.

If you win up to £50,000 then you can visit your local participating Post Office to collect your prize on the spot.

Large supermarkets and large newsagents

You can also buy your lottery tickets physically in large supermarkets (e.g. W.H. Smith).


Of course, you can also play EuroMillions online.

In the UK

Within the territory of the UK, you can play at National Lottery website.

  • National Lottery. You can play online at the official website. Pros and cons:
    • Online since 2009.
    • It is run by the main public lottery operator in the UK.
    • You can participate until almost the time of the draw.
    • Paypal payment is possible.
    • You need to validate your account with your national ID.
    • You don't have other game modes, such as syndicates, multiples bets, groups, etc.
    • Customer service is slow and unfriendly.
    • From UK only.

Outside the UK

Outside the UK, you can participate in an agent duly licensed to offer lotteries. In most countries, you can play on Lottofy.

  • Lottofy. International licensed lottery agent. Pros and cons:
    • Online since 2020.
    • Official licence to sell internationally.
    • Pricing is more competitive than other international managers.
    • You can participate until almost the time of the draw.
    • Various game modes: individual ticket, syndicates, funds, etc.
    • Highly accessible website and support by email, chat and telephone.
    • A wide range of payment methods, international and local.
    • It does not have Paypal.

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About Euromillions


Euromillions is currently officially available in 9 countries, including Spain. Countries

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Time and place

The Euromillions draw is held every Tuesday and Friday at the same time. Time and place

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